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2019 Commentary

Reminder:  Markets Closed for Good Friday Holiday  this week on 19th April 2019 Trade Commentary:  Monday 15 April 2019: Crude Oil: Here’s the chart with my current positions in Crude,the two short strangles.  SEP19 Crude closed […] Read More

10 April 2019 WEDNESDAY newsletter

Order Filled closing Trade:  My GTC to buy back my short Crude Oil SEP19 35-strike PUT at 0.03. It was sold for 0.09, so profit = +$60 each. New Trade: I sold the JUL19 Crude […] Read More

08 April 2019 MONDAY newsletter

New Trade today and GTC’s (good til canceled) entered: FILLED: I bought back my short JUL19 Crude Oil 45-strike PUT (a ‘closing purchase’) today for 0.06.  As I stated in the commentary today, I put […] Read More

2019 Commentary

Trade Commentary: 08 April 2019 MONDAY I’ve decided it’s time I should bank some profits. I sold the JUL19 Crude Oil 45-strike PUT for 0.18 ($180).  It last traded Friday at 0.06, so there is […] Read More

03 April 2019 WEDNESDAY newsletter

03 April 2019: New Trade today I sold the short strangle Gold JUL19 1450-strike CALL and 1200-strike PUT for a total of 1.80 ($180) today.  I got 0.9 ($90) for each for the total of […] Read More

2019 Commentary
01 April 2019 MONDAY (afternoon) TRADE COMMENTARY

Gold:  Amazing how fast things can change.  The China economic numbers announced very positive for the world economy.  The USA news media full of stories about how the FED could or should lower interest rates […] Read More

28 March 2019 THURSDAY newletter closing Gold short strangle

Taking a Loss Today: Closing purchase for loss on the AUG19 1225 strike Gold PUT today.  Loss = $220 (not incl commissions.) I also closed the AUG19 $1500-strike CALL for 1.60 ($160) . I exited […] Read More

25 March 2019 MONDAY newsletter NEW TRADES Today

New Trades Today  MONDAY 25 March 2019 New Trade Positions: Sold Gold AUG19 1225-strike PUTs for 2.10 ($210) Date placed: 25MAR2019 Proceeds from option $210.00 (not incl commissions cost) Probability option expires OTM: 93% 122 […] Read More

2019 Commentary

Crude Oil: There doesn’t seem to be any major changes in the oil fundamentals.  The story (below) from cmdty newswires is a quick snapshot of things.  The market is in the shadow of fear about the […] Read More

19 March 2019 TUESDAY newsletter

New Trades today: 19 March 2019 GTC filled: My GTC order (closing purchase) JUN19 Gold 1200 PUT for 0.30 was filled.  Profit: $110 (not incl comm.) New Trade: I sold a Crude Oil JUL19  75-strike CALL […] Read More