Trade Commentary

2019 Commentary
14 January 2019 MONDAY Trade Commentary

Improvements in the Newsletter and Trade Commentary for 2019: Starting this week on January 15, 2019 – I will be posting both the TRADE COMMENTARY and ALL TRADES HERE ON THIS ONE PAGE under the […] Read More

2019 Commentary
07 January 2019 MONDAY Trade Commentary

There’s lots happening this week of January 7, 2019: China trade talks. Shutdown means no WASDE this week. Continued optimism for the stock market? Gold and Silver prices. Trading Ideas Today’s Trade Commentary is here: […] Read More

31 December 2018 MONDAY Trade Commentary

Happy New Year 2019 As the new year rolls in, I hold these four option positions now as of 31st December 2018: Short the APR19 Crude Oil 70-strike CALL at 0.18 ($180) Short the FEB19 […] Read More

24 December 2018 MONDAY Trade Commentary

The FOMC raising rates 1/4% in December:  Supposedly, this is a sign they feel the economy is growing with a stable progress.  With another huge drop in the stock markets at the end of last […] Read More

17 December 2018 MONDAY Trade Commentary

The FOMC meeting is Wednesday this week (19DEC2018) and if they pause interest rate hikes – there could be a rally in stocks.  Just as importantly, this will be a chance for the FED to […] Read More

10 December 2018 MONDAY Trade Commentary

The stock market volatility is often likened to a roller coaster ride.  On Friday, one of the analyst said the action lately probably belonged in an amusement park. Also in last week’s news: The U.S. […] Read More

04 December 2018 TUESDAY Trade Commentary

National Day of Mourning: Closure of its U.S.-based equity – NYSE & NASDAQ – and interest rate futures and options products on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018, the national day of mourning to honor the death of President Bush […] Read More

03 December 2018 MONDAY Trade Commentary

G 20 Meeting Over the Weekend President Donald Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Saturday. Trump agreed that on January 1, 2019, he will leave the […] Read More

28 November 2018 WEDNESDAY Trade Commentary

Soybeans:  On 05 NOV 2018, I sold the 1100-strike soybean CALL for  3 cents ($150).  The stocks of soybeans are extremely high by almost all standards.  Dr. Daniel O’Brien of Kansas State Univ. Ag Department […] Read More

26 November 2018 MONDAY Trade Commentary

Natural Gas  What you are about to see in the chart below will scare the heck out of every naked option seller – and it should. This is the type of event that is the reason […] Read More