Trade Commentary

16 JUNE 2019 TUESDAY newsletter/commentary

16 JUNE 2020: Nothing new this week.  Volatility extremely high.  Too much risk to enter new positions, but I am watching to sell a Gold CALL possibly next week.  JUL20 Gold trading $1731 today. I’ll […] Read More

03 JUNE 2020 WED newsletter/commentary

Greetings WEDNESDAY 03 JUNE 2020: No new positions or trades at this time.  I find the market’s potential for sudden volatility too risk for a new trade at this time.   Sometimes no trade is the […] Read More

27 MAY 2020 WEDNESDAY newsletter/commentary

Greetings: 27 MAY 2020 Wednesday  Existing Positions: Short the  40-strike AUG20 Crude Oil CALL for 0.36 ($360 credit) Sold the JUL20 360-strike Corn CALL for 1.50 ($75). Crude Oil has been see-sawing over the last […] Read More

19 MAY 2020 TUESDAY newsletter / commentary

Greetings: 19 MAY 2020 Tuesday From the World Ag Supply Demand Estimates (WASDE report from USDA.): With total U.S. corn supply rising more than use, 2020/21 U.S. ending stocks are up 1.2 billion bushels from […] Read More

12 MAY 2020 TUESDAY newsletter/ comments

Greetings: Tuesday: 12 MAY 2020 One new trade today:  Sold the JUL20 360-strike Corn CALL for 1.50 ($75).  Initial Margin: only $468   Expiration in 65 days on  June 24, 2020.  Prob OTM = ~ 90%  […] Read More

05 May 2020 TUESDAY

Greetings: cinco de mayo  05 MAY 2020 TUESDAY In the news this week is the relief of stay at home orders across the country to varying degrees.  The process of re-starting many facets of the […] Read More

21 April 2020 TUESDAY

Greetings:  TUESDAY 21 April 2020 I was stopped out at 0.40 of my JUN20 Crude $10 PUT with a loss of  0.40 minus .14 = 0.26 (-$260). And I closed out the JUN20 Crude CALL […] Read More

14 April 2020 – TUESDAY

Greetings: WED 14 APRIL 2020:  new trade today– ADDING A PUT TO CURRENT POSITION TO FORM A SHORT STRANGLE: On April 1, 2020, I sold the JUN2020 45-strike Crude Oil CALL for 0.14. see: This week, […] Read More

01 APRIL 2020 WEDNESDAY Commentary/ Newsletter new trade

Greetings:  01 April 2020 NEW TRADE: Sell 45-strike JUNE 2020 Crude Oil CALL option for 0.14 or better ($140) Expiration: 14MAY20 in 43 days. Initial Margin Deposit: $2070 Credit: $140/$2070: possible ROI: 6.7% in 43 […] Read More

31 March 2020 Tuesday: Tune in tomorrow for this week’s update.

This week’s Comments/Newsletter will be tomorrow on WED 1st of April 2020.  Thank you. The commentary and examples are for teaching purposes only and are not intended to be a trading or trade advisory service. […] Read More