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2019 Commentary

Markets Closed President’s Day Holiday  18 FEB 2019 Monday Comments in today’s video on short Gold Strangles, holding.  Shopping for Corn 370 PUTs, and corn fundamentals.  Why it’s not a good time to sell more […] Read More

12 February 2019 TUESDAY newsletter – closed one trade today

Greetings:  I closed out my short MAY19 Corn 360 PUTs today at 1.125 cents (a closing purchase.) I had sold them for 3.375, so profit was 2.25 cents = $112.50 At midday Corn futures are […] Read More

11 February 2019 Monday new trades – newsletter today.

Monday: 11 FEB 2019: NEW POSITIONS TODAY New Trade Position: Sold Crude Oil JUN19 40-strike PUT for 0.30 ($300) Date placed: 11FEB2019 Proceeds from option $300.00 (not incl commissions cost) Probability option expires OTM: 90% […] Read More

2019 Commentary
11 February 2019 Monday TRADE COMMENTARY

Greetings. Here’s a list of my current positions and outstanding (GTC) orders: If you are new to this website, you can always look back at the newsletters and trade commentary posts to get background on […] Read More

04 February 2019 Trading Activity today: newsletter

  Trades today: I made a closing purchase and bought back the short CLJ19 Crude Oil 35-=strike PUT at 0.01 ($10) Profit: $50 each. I made a closing purchase and bought back the short APR19 […] Read More

2019 Commentary
04 February 2019 Monday TRADE COMMENTARY

WASDE (WAS’-dee’) from USDA Report coming FEB 8th, NOON EST There has been no USDA World Ag Supply-Demand Estimates report (monthly) since December 11, 2018 report.  Last Wednesday, on January 30th, 2019, USDA says the […] Read More

2019 Commentary
28 January 2019 MONDAY Trade Commentary

28 January 2019: Monday – Trade Commentary Gold was up about $22 per ounce on Friday (1/25/19), the day after I sold the JUN19 $1550-strike CALL.  That happens sometimes.  A chorus of factors all share […] Read More

24 January 2019 THURSDAY newsletter

24 JAN 2019: One new trade today: Trade: Sell JUN19 Gold 1550-strike CALL  for 1.10 cents ($110) Date placed: 24JAN19 Proceeds from option $110.00 Commission Fees: $3.75 per side      Net Credit: $106.25 Probability option expires […] Read More

2019 Commentary
22 January 2019 TUESDAY Trade Commentary

22 JAN 2019: Trade Commentary On the general economy:  There’s is historically, an argument that the stock market is a barometer for the health of the economy.  With trade talks continuing and a government shutdown […] Read More

17 January 2019 THURSDAY newsletter

TIME FARMING TRAINING BULLETIN newsletter: 17 January 2019 THURSDAY Here are new trades I placed today: Trade: Sell APR19 Crude Oil 35-strike PUT for 0.06 cents ($60) Date placed: 17JAN19 Proceeds from option $60.00 Commission […] Read More