10 April 2019 WEDNESDAY newsletter

Order Filled closing Trade:
 My GTC to buy back my short Crude Oil SEP19 35-strike PUT at 0.03. It was sold for 0.09, so profit = +$60 each.

New Trade: I sold the JUL19 Crude Oil 50-strike PUT for 0.15 ($150).  Since I am already short the JUL19 75-strike CALL, there was no additional margin required to add this side to form a short strangle.
Date placed: 10APR2019
Proceeds from option $150.00 (not incl. commissions cost)
Probability option expires OTM: 95%
68 Days until expiration (17JUN2019)
The underlying JUL19 Crude Oil (/CLU19) is at: 64.24 at the time of the trade.

New Trade: I sold the SEP19 Crude Oil 45-strike PUT for 0.17 ($170.)  Since I am already short the SEP19 80-strike CALL, there was no additional margin required to add this side to form a short strangle.
Date placed: 10APR19
Proceeds from option 0.17 ($170)
Probability option expires OTM: 95%
127 Days until expiration (15AUG2019)
The underlying SEP19 Crude Oil is at: 63.95 at the time of the trade.

Reminder -PENDING GTC: GTC is pending active order in to close the DEC19 Corn 540-strike CALL option at 1.375 cents.  See positions below.

Summary of My Positions:

Short Strangle:
Short JUL19 Gold 1450-strike CALL for 0.90
Short JUL19 Gold 1200-strike PUT for 0.90
(total of 1.80 = $180)

This new Trade Origination button will take you back in time – to the post where the trade was originally placed, so you can review the chart, fundamentals, and the details of this trade’s selection.   This way you get much more than just the position listing. – DAS

Short Strangle:
Short SEP19 Crude Oil 80-strike CALL for 0.17
Short SEP19 Crude Oil 45-strike PUT for 0.17 (added today)

Short Strangle: 
Short the JUL19 Crude Oil  75-strike CALL for 0.11 ($110)
Short the JUL19 Crude Oil 50-strike PUT for 0.15 ($150) (added today)

 Short Strangle:
Short Corn DEC19 540-strike CALL for 2.875 ($143.75)  GTC is pending order in to close this option at 1.375

Short the DEC19 Corn 330  for 2.0 cents ($100.)

For simple illustrations, I post all my trades as quantity of one option, although I trade more of them.

Comments for 10 April 2019 WEDNESDAY:

The monthly USDA WASDE report yesterday only confirmed the March figures.  For Corn, the report was considered bearish as the ending stocks (SEP projection) were raised to 2.035 billion bushels compared to the 1.835 billion in March’s report. Both the exports and feed use were revised downward by 75 million bushels each and ethanol production down 50 million bushels.  World production was also revised upward with Brazil, Argentina, and others’ production was only adding 0.3 million bushels (no change effectively.)  The soybean portion of the report had little change from last month.  As soon as the Kansas State University charts are revised, I will post them here. At midday today, DEC19 Corn at 390.25, up 1.0 cent.

The Crude Oil and Energy reports form EIA today are actually neutral to slightly bearish.  Crude Oil and Gasoline are undergoing the seasonal (normal) increases, even though stocks of oil are up, gasoline stocks in today’s report were down a little.

Gold price up modestly today as the dollar index is down (all normal there and routine.)

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