Trade Commentary

17 September 2018 MONDAY

17 September 2018 MONDAY Blank Summary Sheet Available: I’ve had quite a few people ask for BLANK Trade Summary sheet, so they can enter their own trades and track them.  This is the same formatted […] Read More

13 September 2018 THURSDAY

Corn As per today’s newsletter issue 13 SEP 2018, I chose to sell the 400-strike Corn DEC18 CALLs.  They have a 93% chance of expiring worthless, and an ROI of just over 20% in only […] Read More

12 September 2018 WEDNESDAY USDA Report WASDE

Corn The USDA WASDE report 12 SEP 2018:  The news for corn is bearish.  The report increases the yield on the 2018-2019 United States corn crop from last month’s report: From 178.4 bushels/acre, up to […] Read More

10 September 2018 MONDAY

Comments for Monday 10 SEP 2018: Gold: I remain short DEC18 Gold 1400-strike CALL and short the DEC18 Gold 1050-strike PUT.  Gold is inversely sensitive to the $US dollar Index (95.339  $DXY.)  I, nor anyone […] Read More

06 September 2018 – THURSDAY

06SEP2018 Thursday  SOYBEANS and CORN I bought back my short DEC18 Crude Oil  50-strike PUT for 0.04.  I had sold it on 8/21/2018 for 0.12.   The profit on each was $80 excluding commissions. The next […] Read More

04SEP2018 Trade Commentary

04SEP2018 from Don A. Singletary Greetings Subscribers:  Starting today I’ll be posting some comments about existing trades (current positions) and notes on some possible trades to come.  There is NOT a set schedule for these […] Read More

Selling Crude Oil Options Black Gold Texas Tea

Crude Oil Options: Is Texas Tea going UP or DOWN next? Crude Oil Options are ripe for picking. It’s nearing the last week in July 2018  and Crude Oil is about $66 per barrel.  Just […] Read More