Trade Commentary

20 September 2019 FRIDAY newsletter

Greetings: Friday 20 September 2019 Closed my DEC19 Corn 320-strike PUTs.  I made a closing purchase at 0.50 cent today.  They were sold for 1.5 cents, so the profit per option is 1.0 cent for […] Read More

17 September 2019 TUESDAY newsletter

Greetings: 17 September 2019 TUESDAY newsletter Two (2) New Trades today: I sold the DEC19 Crude Oil 85-strike CALL for .19 ($190). Expires: 15 NOV 2019 (59 days) Prob OTM: 96% Underlying price: $59.11 Initial […] Read More

16 September 2019: #2 bulletin today Monday Newsletter

Closing Purchase:   I exited my DEC19 Crude Oil short 75 CALL @ 0.74 ($740) for a loss of -$680. I had sold it for 0.06 ($60).   This huge loss was a result of drone rocket […] Read More

2019 Commentary
16 September 2019 Monday TRADE COMMENTARY

16 September 2019 Monday: Trade Commentary As news develops on the Saudi oil field attacks, I am monitoring closely this morning.  In early reports, President Trump has released strategic oil reserves and the Saudis say […] Read More

10 September 2019 TUESDAY newsletter

Greetings:  TUESDAY 10th September 2019 newsletter I made a closing purchase and bought back my short Crude Oil 35-strike PUT for 0.04 ($40).  I had sold it for 0.09 ($90), so there is a +$50 […] Read More

09 September 2019 MONDAY newsletter and COMMENTARY

Greetings: 09 September 2019 MONDAY Closed Trade today:  I bought back (a “closing purchase”) my short DEC19 Gold $2000-strike CALLs for 0.60.  I sold them last Thursday 05 SEP for 1.40 ($140) and closed the trade […] Read More

05 September 2019 THURSDAY newsletter

Greetings: Two New Trades Today  05 September 2019 THURSDAY I sold the DEC19 Gold $2000-strike CALLs for 1.40 ($140) Initial net margin: $763 Expiration: 81 days out  Date EXP: 25NOV2019 Prob OTM:   98.7% I sold […] Read More

2019 Commentary

Greetings: Tuesday 03 September 2019 In early trading today Gold is up another US$24.00 / ounce. The DEC19 Gold futures are trading 1552/ounce this morning.  The $US Dollar has significant gains today. And the DJIA […] Read More

27 August 2019 TUESDAY Trade Commentary & Corn Calls closing trade

27 August 2019: Greetings Closing Trade:  I bought back (closing purchase) my short Corn DEC19 430-CALLs for 2.50 cents.  I  sold them for 4.375 on August 14th, so the profit excluding commissions is:  4.375 – […] Read More

20 August 2019 TUESDAY newsletter

20 August 2019 TUESDAY newsletter Greetings:  NEW TRADE today: I sold a Crude Oil DEC19 strangle today- selling the 75 CALL and the 35 PUT:  I put in a spread order to sell the strangle […] Read More