17 December 2019 TUESDAY newsletter

Greetings: 17 DEC 2019 / Tuesday

One new trade today with Corn.
Notes on existing positions.
Holiday Schedule for the Option Income Training Bulletin.
A free extension for FREE TRIAL subscribers due to the light holiday schedule.

New Trade Today:  I sold the MAR20 365-strike PUT option for 2.125 cents ($106.25) each.
66 days until expiration on 21 February 2020.
Initial Margin: $658.00
Prob OTM: only 82%  
Possible return based on init. margin:  $106.25 / $658  =  16.14% in a little over two months (66 days.)

Comment: Although this PUT strike is closer than I normally like, as I mentioned in last week’s post – the yield and/or harvest acres numbers are likely to come down. That post is here, if you want to see that comment: https://www.timefarming.com/blog/10-dec19x/ 

Here’s today’s Corn MAR 20 Chart:

Current Positions in addition to today’s new trade:

MARCH 2020 CRUDE OIL short strangle this  morning.  I sold the 70 Calls and the 45 Puts @ 0.14  for each of then, total of 0.28  ($280.)  Trade Date: 10 DEC 2019:

MARCH 2020 Gold 1350-strike PUT for 0.80 ($80)  Trade Date: 10 DEC 2019

Operation Notes: There will be no report scheduled next week during the holiday week.  I will send out notice if I change any of my trades or positions.  The next scheduled trade commentary will be 12/31/2019, Tuesday.

If you are on the FREE TRIAL, PLEASE KNOW THAT DUE TO THE HOLIDAYS, you trial time will be extended until 15 JAN 2020.

Comments Continued:   The current positions are doing well.  Even over the holidays, I will still be watching them closely and will send out notification if I modify or add anything.  If/when the Stock Market ‘corrects’ in a big way, I will look to leg into a Gold CALL, to form a short strangle (see 10DEC2019 comments for details.)

I am planning new trades in January of 2020, possibly: adding a new Crude Oil strangle, more short Gold PUTs,  a Natural Gas play, and also to look for short JUL20 Corn PUTS.

I wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday and my thanks and best wishes to each of you.  thank you. – Don

Don A. Singletary

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