25 MAR 2020 WEDNESDAY Commentary / newsletter

Greetings: WED 25 MAR 2020:

I closed out my short JUN20 Crude Oil 60-strike CALLs for 0.04 ($40).  It was sold for 0.31, so the profit is $270.

(3/25/2020): At the moment I’m writing this, the economic recovery package is going to vote later today in the Senate but it seems the House vote will be delayed until tomorrow. – and it seems will be approved.  (I hope.)

Hightower puts out research on markets/futures and yesterday I received a (non-subscriber) bulletin from them and am making it available for download at this link:  HT  or  https://www.sellingCommodityOptions.com/HT.pdf   and it has some spread option trades to consider, based on the market recovery.  I do not endorse or ‘not endorse’ these trades but only pass them on to you in context that they sent them along.

Of course for investors who are willing to take the large risks betting on a quicker rather than prolonged recovery of the markets, there are many ways to do it.  For example: selling PUTs on commodities like oil, grains (or buying CALLs on the same.)  I won’t be personally using any of those at this time because of the uncertainty and inability for anyone to plot an accurate time-line for the events unfolding at this time.

In a few months, we will all be saying “why didn’t I __________” when we have the genius of hindsight.   Experienced investors understand this is a constant experience of investors.  For example: AAPL stock bottomed at 220 last Friday and today is trading for $253/share.  It is the most widely held stock by all age groups of USA investors.  I wouldn’t place any money on trades like this that I couldn’t live without; it’s just too risky, but surely there is opportunity there.

KO, AAPL and many other blue chip stocks are possibilities for great price recovery, and if buying them now doesn’t work out in the short term, they will surely recover over a longer period of time.  (It is noon WED 3/25/2020) and the DJIA is up 2500 points since just yesterday morning in anticipation of the impact of the recovery stimulus package and options that foresee  a not-to-distant end to the worst of the pandemic.  I read where Governor Cuomo  of New York State this morning, predicts the peak of the covid-19 hospitalizations won’t be for another three weeks.  I think this is accurate and that more stock market volatility is a virtual certainty.

There is (near noon today) a figure for unemployment claims will be near 4 million this week; a number that almost certainly will be exceeded next week and beyond.

As I explained last week, I have suspended the membership requirements to access this blog/website – and all are welcomed to visit the site without any log-in requirements.  Still, I could issue a trade or trades at any time and will send out a notification email when this happens.

I hope each of you and family/friends are safe and well.  If you have any interest in learning-about and/or trading the new Micro E-Mini Stock Index Futures, please scroll down for details.  Thank you. – Don

Don A. Singletary

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Thank you. Stay well. – Don


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